Animal health 'fast facts'

An online guide for the common diseases of dairy cattle.


Abortion and infertility

Conditions that cause abortions in early or late pregnancy or a high rate of empty cows.

animals found dead

Animals found dead

Conditions that cause sudden death without any other observed signs.


Breathing issues, discharge from mouth or nose

Conditions that affect the mouth, throat or respiratory system of cattle.

diseases affecting humans

Diseases that can affect humans

Conditions that cause illness in humans and how to avoid them.

Downer cows

Downer cows

Conditions that cause cows to lie down on their chest or side and remain unable to rise.


Eye discharge

Conditions that cause weeping or red eyes, swollen eye lids or growths on or around the eyeball.


Lameness or difficulty moving

Conditions that cause unusual gait, stiff movements or tender feet.

nervous signs

Nervous signs

Conditions that cause staggers, blindness, convulsions or unusual behaviour.



Conditions that cause loose or watery manure, often passed at frequent intervals.

skin lesions

Skin lesions

Conditions that cause inflamed, irritated or scaly skin, hair loss, changes in pigmentation.

Animal health fast facts - sudden drop in milk production

Sudden drop in milk production

Conditions that may have a marked effect on milk production without other obvious clinical signs.

weight loss

Weight loss or illthrift

Conditions that cause weight loss or failure to grow despite ample feed.