Conditions that cause loose or watery manure, often passed at frequent intervals, which may have a bad odour and/or an unusual appearance. What class of stock is affected?

 Adult cattle

Young stock

  • Focus on prevention for calves that thrive
  • Keep the calving environment clean
  • Remove calves from their dams early
  • Develop a disease prevention program and treatment protocols—train your staff well
  • Implement the 3 Step Calf Plan for the control of Johne’s disease
  • Manage manure build-up to keep pathogen numbers down
  • Handle sick calves carefully to avoid contaminating healthy calves
  • If necessary, use humane slaughter techniques

More information

Rearing Healthy Calves: Focus on prevention for calves that thrive (PDF, 880KB)

This document helps you with disease prevention strategies, including good calving pre-care, minimising contact with manure, and effective cleaning. 

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