FAQs Declaring the Score

Guidance for veterinary practitioners, government animal health staff and dairy herd advisers on the Dairy Score.

Do I need to register the Dairy Score of animals in my herd with a third party?

No, registration with a third party is not required. However, herd records should be available when the Dairy Score of animals is declared in Section 9 of the National Vendor Declaration (NVD) when selling dairy cattle. A BJD Declaration Form may be required in other circumstances where an NVD is not required, such as when displaying animals at Shows, and must be able to be supported with herd record evidence if required.

How should buyers and sellers of replacement cattle declare the Score?

The Score should be written in Section 9 on the National Vendor Declaration (NVD) as: “Dairy Score XX”.


It is a mandatory requirement of the South Australian Dairy ManaJD program to declare the Score of all cattle offered for sale.

When required, how should farmers formally declare the Score?

From time to time a farmer may need to declare the Score in more detail than the National Vendor Declaration allows (eg for entry to a show). A standard declaration form is available for download from Animal Health Australia (www.animalhealthaustralia.com.au); the dairy industry BJD web site (www.dairy.com.au/bjd); or, by collection from local State government animal health offices.

Are farmers issued with a Dairy Score certificate?

No certificates are issued for the Dairy Score; except for:


  • Herds that have enrolled in the South Australian Dairy ManaJD program; or 
  • Herds that are participating in the Australian Johne’s Disease Market Assurance Program for Cattle (CattleMAP) will have certificates for their respective MN status.