Calf housing

Fact sheets

Comparison of calf housing systems – examines the pros and cons of the various options.

Designing a calf housing system – explores the elements needed to achieve a good design.

Case Studies

Take a tour of a range of Australian calf housing sheds that have been built with calf comfort in mind.

Stuart Tweddle

Stuart Tweddle

Location: Darnum, VIC
Structure: 40 hutches & 2 Igloos
Management system: Individual htuches from 1 day – 3 weeks of age
Groups of 10 calves per igloo from 3 to 9 weeks of age


Chris Dornauf, Dornauf Dairies

Take a tour of Chris Dornaouf's calf housing

Location: Elizabeth Town, TAS
Structure: Purpose built shed 
Management system: Group


Nigel & Rachel Brock

Nigel Brock takes a tour of his calf housing pen

Location: Montana TAS
Structure: 8 purpose built sheds for 30 calves
Management system: Group


Paul Bennett, Ashgrove Farms

Paul Bennett discussed dairy calf housing

Location: Ashgrove Farm, Elizabeth Town TAS
Structure: Purpose built 
Management system: Group


Chris & Charmaine Bagot

Chris Bagots talks us through his calf shed

Location: Jindivick VIC
Structure: Purpose built greenhouse
Management system: Group


Annie Gay

Annie grays calf housing shed

Location: Coomboona, VIC
Structure: Purpose built 
Management system: Individual and group pens inside shed and group pens


Werner Lang

Check out the Lang's calf housing

Location: Tatura VIC
Structure: retrofit/conversion; Used as milking shed until 1997 
Management system: Group housing