Industry extension & training programs

Many animal welfare issues are integrated into the industry’s extension and training programs, including:

  • Cool Cows: An extension project to help dairy farmers manage the risk of heat stress in their herds.
  • CowTime: Provides ways to make milking easier and reduce stress in the dairy by ensuring a calm, quiet environment in the dairy. Farmers are encouraged to allow the herd to retain its natural social order resulting in smoother cow flow in and out of the dairy. This results in a lowered potential for lameness and reduces time spent in the milking shed (see case study).
  • FutureDairy: Assesses animal behaviour in voluntary (automatic) milking systems.
  • InCalf: Helps farmers improve the fertility of their dairy herds, reducing the need for intervention such as calving induction.
  • Countdown 2020: Helps dairy farmers manage mastitis in their herds, thereby improving herd health and milk quality.
  • The Australian Dairy Herd Improvement Scheme: (ADHIS): Allows dairy farmers to make genetic selection decisions based on traits associated with welfare such as calving ease, improved fertility, mastitis resistance and survivability.
  • On-farm QA programs: Ensure farmers have processes in place to manage herd health and welfare risks.
  • Regional Development Programs: Provide access to local networks and service providers such as vets to deliver lameness workshops and calf rearing days for farmers.
  • The People in Dairy: Project that addresses the capability and skills of dairy workers though improved training on farms, recruitment, induction and supervision of staff.