Feeding and nutrition

Feed is the largest cost for dairy farmers. Growing, conserving, buying and utilising feeds more effectively to produce milk can dramatically improve profits on your farm. Dairy Australia feed programs help farmers improve feeding processes, and improve profitability.

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About Feed2Milk

'Dairy Australia’s Feed2Milk program helps farmers adapt to less stable feed markets, pasture and...

Feeding systems

Different feeding systems have their own mix of risks, performance and management principles.

Feed tools

Dairy Australia's Feed2Milk program has developed a range of resources and tools to assist dairy...

Nutrition management

Integrate home-grown and bought-in feeds into your herds diets. Optimise feed conversion efficiency.

Supplementary feeds

Home-grown or bought-in silages, hays, grains/concentrates and other feeds are used on most...

Cows grazing

Pastures, forages & crops

Optimising home-grown forage growth and utilisation is a key driver of farm profitability on the...