InCalf is a Dairy Australia project providing information to better enable dairy farmers to get cows in calf as soon as mating starts. To help farmers improve herd reproductive performance irrespective of their farming system, InCalf has resources for each of the key management areas


About InCalf

Dairy Australia's national project for improving herd fertility.

Artificial insemination

Artificial insemination

Improve conception rates and ensure semen purchases aren’t wasted by using good AI technique.

Body condition scoring banner

Body condition scoring

Dairy Australia has developed several tools to assist you with your herd’s body condition profile.

Bull management

Bull management

Ensure more cows get in calf by improving bull power and bull management.

Cows in colour heat detection banner

Heat detection

To get more AI calves, stay focused on heat detection for at least 2 cycles.

Heifer management

Heifer management

Grow heavier well-framed heifers by feeding high-quality supplements for at least 6 months.

InCalf - Your levy at work

InCalf book and other tools

The InCalf book and other tools to measure and improve herd reproductive performance.

Calving pattern

Managing calving pattern

Tools to assist with measuring and managing your herd calving pattern.

Transition cow management banner

Transition cow management

Feed a balanced transition diet to cows and heifers to get them ready for lactation and mating.