Repro Right

Repro Right is an intensive 10 month professional development program for dairy reproduction advisers to improve their ability to provide intensive problem-solving and whole herd reproductive management services to dairy farmers.

The program incorporates a mixture of on-line learning, 3 x 2 day and 1 x 3 day group sessions, assignments and practical tasks on the important elements of reproductive management in Australian dairy systems.

The Repro Right program includes:

  • Assessing reproductive performance
  • Manipulating data to assess reproductive performance
  • Heifer and calf rearing for improved reproduction
  • Manipulation of calving pattern
  • Reproductive physiology
  • Mating management programs- anoestrus, synchronisation programs and heat detection
  • AI and semen handling principles
  • Abortion investigations
  • Infectious agents affecting reproductive performance
  • Nutrition and body condition score
  • Bull management and breeding soundness testing
  • Selection of semen for improving reproductive performance
  • Managing herd reproductive programs on an on-going basis
Program dates: 7 December 2015 – 30 September 2016

Cost: $2500 + GST

As a guide, successful participants will most likely be:

  • Degree qualified
  • Actively employed in the dairy industry
  • Interested in providing one-on-one advisory services to dairy farmers
  • Looking to develop skills and experience in farmer extension

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