Body condition recording scoring sheets

If you are a dairy farmer using a seasonal, split or year-round calving system who wants to take greater control of your herd’s nutrition, then here is a recording sheet to help you.

Use it to get a standardised measure of your cows’ body energy (and protein) reserves at critical times during their lactation cycle, and assess your herd’s: 

  • previous level of feeding 
  • likely future production and fertility 
  • future feed requirements

This recording sheet is an easy to use, paper based aid for measuring and managing body condition score.

Scoring the same cows each time you score is not necessary, so each cow is recorded simply with a mark. By recording condition scores on the recording sheet as shown in this example, you create your own graph as you go, showing the distribution of scores in your herd.

If you wish to record the ID number of each cow when you condition score, another version of the recording sheet is available.

Stay in control of herd nutrition with the Dairy Australia Cow Body Condition Recording Sheet.

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