Body condition scoring smartphone app

Dairy Australia’s body condition scoring app has been developed to assist farmers in understanding, monitoring and managing their herd’s body condition.

It has three methods of scoring, beginner, intermediate and advanced, graphical presentation of the results and the option to email your results to yourself or an advisor. It also has tips and advice for situations where your results are off target and in-built scoring reminders based on your herds stage of lactation.

Use it to get a standardised measure of your cows’ body energy (and protein) reserves at critical times during their lactation cycle, and assess your herd’s:

  • previous level of feeding
  • likely future production and fertility
  • future feed requirements

Stay in control of herd nutrition with the Dairy Australia Cow Body Condition Scoring Tool (for use on i-phones and Android phones).


1. Can be used for multiple farms and cow groups
2. Designed for use at the most important stages of the annual lactation cycle
3. Simple 2 step “hands off” scoring method
4. Large graphics and photos provided for each score
5. Choice of 3 scoring methods to suit beginners, intermediate and advanced users
6. Herd results provided instantly after each scoring event, with suggested actions to consider
7. Ability to enter your own comments with results of each scoring event
8. Results summary is emailed to you and anyone else you wish for your records
9. Automatic reminder for when next scoring event in due(optional)
10. Notes on key aspects of body condition scoring

To download:

If you use an iPhone: 

Go to the app on iTunes to download.

If you use an Android phone: 

Download the app on Google Play (search using ‘Dairy Australia’).