Fertility Focus Report

This single-page report allows dairy farmers to confidently compare the results of their herd’s reproductive performance year to year, with other herds, and with what’s possible. It also helps identify priorities for action.

The Fertility Focus Report includes a supporting page called ‘Behind your Fertility Focus Report’, which provides a summary of the herd records used, explanations of what records were used, and why some measures may not have been calculated.

Where and how can I get a report for my herd?

From an InCalf accredited Herd Improvement Centre or adviser, or via InCalf accredited herd management software.

How do I generate a Fertility Focus Report?

What records do I need to produce a report?

Producing a report is easy because it’s generated from herd records already collected by your herd recording centre or adviser, or data you’ve entered on your PC using a herd management software.

Even with very basic records, a useful analysis can be conducted. With more comprehensive records, an intermediate or detailed analysis can be conducted.

Examples of records: 

How can I get help with Fertility Focus Reports?

If you need help generating or interpreting a Fertility Focus Report please contact us on incalf@dairyaustralia.com.au

To enable us to best help you, please include the following information in your email:

  • Explain which herd management program you are extracting data from to generate the Fertility Focus Report.
  • Provide a copy of the Fertility Focus Report (attach to email).
  • Email a full back-up herd data file from the host program.

For more help, contact an InCalf trained adviser