Herd Assessment Packs

These tools help farmers and advisers investigate key management areas which affect reproductive performance. Past, present and likely future outcomes can be assessed.

Your calving system (PDF, 14KB)
Some tools are common to all calving systems. Others are for seasonal/split or year-round calving systems.

The following tools are in pdf format and available for everyone to use.

For seasonal/split calving herds  For year-round calving herds
AI practices tool   AI practices tool 
Body condition at calving tool   Body condition at calving tool 
Body condition loss tool   Body condition loss tool
Bull management practices tool   Bull management practices tool
Calving pattern tool   Heat detection tool
Heat detection tool   Individual cow health tool
Individual cow health tool
Voluntary waiting period (VWP) tool
Length of mating period tool


The tools are not intended to all be used at once. If you have a seasonal/split calving herd, specific tools are best used at specific times View example.

Trained InCalf advisors can help with these tools contact an InCalf adviser in your region.

Note InCalf is working with farmers and their advisers to continually develop the Herd assessment pack of tools. The current version is Version 1.6.