Genomics is an exciting new technology now widely used in Australia. Genomics helps you breed the type of cow you want to milk, faster, by:

• improving the selection of young bulls to progeny test by AI companies
• providing more reliable info for younger bulls, ie for traits like fertility
• selecting superior females at a younger age to breed replacement heifers

For more info on how genomics works, check out this short video:

Dairy Futures CRC

Dairy Australia invests in the Dairy Futures Co-operative Research Centre (CRC), who in turn invest in large-scale research projects to deliver improved pasture and animal options. This helps to build a more resilient and profitable dairy industry.


Dairy Australia invests in the Australian Dairy Herd Improvement Scheme (ADHIS) which uses the research undertaken by the Dairy Futures CRC to generate genomic breeding values for the Australian dairy industry. These genomic breeding values enable farmers to make better breeding decisions on their farms. 

Using Genomics

How farmers use genomic information will depend on how they balance the benefits of faster gain with the risks associated with using cutting edge technology.