Mastitis is inflammation of the cow's udder usually caused by bacteria. Dairy Australia’s Countdown project is an investment in mastitis management and milk quality control.

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What is mastitis

Mastitis is inflammation of the mammary gland usually caused by bacteria entering the teat canal.

countdown about countdown 2020

About Countdown 2020

Countdown 2020 is Dairy Australia’s national mastitis and cell count control program.

Countdown resources and tools

Countdown resources and tools

Countdown has developed resources and tools to assist dairy farmers and their advisers with...

Countdown smartphone app

Countdown mastitis toolkit app

Countdown Mastitis Toolkit: the premium mastitis control app

Countdown news

Countdown news

All the latest news from the Countdown 2020 program.

countdown people and team

Countdown people and team

Countdown Adviser Short Courses for milking machine techs, vets, and other dairy advisers.

cups on cups off training

Cups on cups off

The Countdown “Cups On Cups Off” training program covers the milking process, emphasising...

milk quality awards

Milk Quality Awards

The Awards recognise the lowest 5% of farms across Australia based on annual average bulk milk...