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Mycoplasma alert

Mycoplasma is an emerging cause of untreatable mastitis that has been causing significant problems in Australian dairy herds since 2006. While only a small number of farms have been affected so far, the disease caused by Mycoplasma bovis can have a significant financial impact on a business due to lost production, culling and the death of cows and calves.

A fact sheet on preventing and controlling Mycoplasma infections is available here as a downloadable PDF file.

October Countdown Symposium

The fifth Countdown symposium was held on Tuesday October 6th 2015 in Melbourne.

The program included international and Australian experts providing updates on mastitis and milk quality science and innovations, including the breeding for mastitis resistance, management of Mycoplasma infections, mastitis treatment protocols and new research on milk harvesting technology.

In case you missed this event we have recorded short interviews with three speakers at the Symposium that highlight their key messages. You can listen to these interviews here:


As for the last Countdown Symposium, this event was held in conjunction with the InCalf Reproduction Symposium (on Monday October 5th).

Countdown Shed Guides and aprons

Countdown Shed GuideThe Shed Guides are designed to be used by milkers and farm managers as visual guides for prevention, monitoring and treatment of mastitis.These practical step-by-step Shed Guides are water resistant and can be hung up in the dairy shed for easy reference.

Farmers ordering the Shed Guides will also receive a bonus high quality Dairy Australia milking apron.

Order your free copy online.



Countdown videos

To complement the new Shed Guides, we have produced four short videos that will be useful for training new staff in hands-on practices and refreshing knowledge of existing staff. The videos cover treating clinical mastitis, dry cow therapy, pre-milking teat preparation and using a rapid mastitis test.

Countdown Webinars

Over the past eight months we have held a series of webinars that many of you attended live. All these events are available to view on demand for your own reference or for your clients via the following links:

For Farmers:


Become a Countdown Adviser

The Countdown Adviser Short Course gives milking machine technicians, vets, and other dairy advisers a wealth of up-to-date technical information and a framework for working with farmer clients on mastitis and milk quality issues.

The next course will be run in early 2017. Please subscribe to the Countdown program e-subscriber list to receive notification of future courses. 

Countdown Farm Guidelines

Farm guidelines 2014 coverThe Countdown Farm Guidelines, originally published in 1998, are an essential resource for everyone who milks cows, providing best practice advice on all aspects of mastitis control. The Guidelines have recently undergone a major revision to update the information and improve the layout and design. 

The 2nd edition integrates with the new Countdown Mastitis Toolkit App and supports the revised Cups On Cups Off course offered by the NCDE. Farm Guidelines will be distributed free of charge to all those attending the Countdown farmer workshops. 

The 2nd edition of the Farm Guidelines is available here for order in hard copy and as a downloadable pdf file.

“Cups On Cups Off” training

Twenty five new "Cups On Cups Off" trainers from all dairy regions have been trained to present courses through the NCDE. The Cups On Cups Off course structure and learners’ resources have also been revised to enable delivery by a wider range of NCDE alliance partners around Australia. The update of the 2 day course will help to achieve the new industry target recommended by the DMF Milk Quality Steering Group to put 4000 milking staff and managers through Cups On Cups Off training over the next 5 years.