Countdown shed guides and videos

Countdown shed guides

Countdown Shed GuideThe Shed Guides are designed to be used by milkers and farm managers as visual guides for prevention, monitoring and treatment of mastitis. These practical step-by-step Shed Guides are water resistant and can be hung up in the dairy shed for easy reference.

Farmers ordering the Shed Guides will also receive a bonus high quality Dairy Australia milking apron.

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Countdown videos

Treatment of clinical mastitis

Walk through the steps involved in treating a cow with clinical mastitis.


Rapid Mastitis Testing

How to use a Rapid Mastitis Test to identify if a cow has subclinical mastitis.


Pre-Milking Teat Preparation

Learn about pre-milking teat preparation to reduce the risk of clinical mastitis and improve milking performance.


Dry Cow Treatment

Showing the basic techniques of how to dry off cows at the end of lactation.


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