Countdown 2020 Farm Guidelines - 2016

Practical advice on mastitis control

The Countdown 2020 Farm Guidelines are an essential resource for everyone who milks cows, providing advice on all aspects of mastitis control and milk quality. The guidelines cover best practices at each stage of the cow’s lactation.

The Farm Guidelines have recently undergone a major revision to include new information, integrate with the new Countdown Mastitis Toolkit App and support the revised “Cups On Cups Off” course offered by the NCDE.

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Dairy farmers can order a free copy if you supply your postcode and your Dairy Australia dairy enterprise number. This number can be found on recent correspondence from Dairy Australia or by contacting Dairy Australia’s member information line on 1800 004 377.

For all others the cost is $25 per copy including postage within Australia.

Farm guidelines 2014 coverCountdown 2020 Farm Guidelines for Mastitis Control (PDF, 3MB)

The Guidelines are underpinned by the Countdown Technotes - a comprehensive manual for farm advisers that provide the the rationale behind each Farm Guideline recommendation, scientific context, practical tips and key references for further reading.