Other publications

Paper 'How completely should we empty cows' udders at milking time?

Mein et al, 2010 
The traditional recommendation to dairy farmers to ‘milk all cows as completely as possible at every milking’ can be revised in light of recent research and field experience. 
Make drying off count leaflet    This leaflet (originally published as a lift-out in the Australian Dairy Farmer magazine) outlines dry cow treatment strategies to give your herd the best start next season. It outlines the correct way to give intramammary treatments at drying off and a guide to choosing an appropriate dry cow treatment strategy. 
Countdown Downunder 2001-2004: Building industry capacity to control mastitis and manage milk quality  

Brightling et al November 2005
This report on the second phase of Countdown (2001-2004) was written to share our reflections on the processes behind building industry capacity to manage a core element of dairy production and profitability – on-farm milk quality management and mastitis control. This phase of Countdown focused intensely on helping farmers use best practice. We delivered training, supported advisers and continued to refine and promote the Countdown recommendations. 
Countdown Downunder 2001-2004: The Short Report