Technotes and Mastitis Investigation Pack

The Countdown Technotes for Mastitis Control

The Countdown Technotes for Mastitis Control are an essential reference for advisers in mastitis and milk quality.

The Technotes are a companion publication to the Countdown Farm Guidelines for Mastitis Control. They form both a technical reference and a tool of trade, providing the scientific rationale behind each Farm Guideline recommendation, with practical tips and key references.

Technotes updates

Previous technotes updates

The 2003 Technote Update Pack

The 2003 Update Pack comprised eight new and revised Technotes (Electronic versions below). Electronic versions are available below.

Intro pages - 2003 Feb Index Feb 2003
Technote 4 - Calving - 2000 Jan  
Technote 7 - teat disinfection - 2003 Feb Technote 9 - teat sores - 2003 Feb  
Technote 13 - seek professional advice - 2003 Feb   Technote 25 - milking machines - 2003 Feb  
FAQ - liners - 2003 Feb   FAQ - strep ag - 2003 Feb  
FAQ - teat sealants - 2003 Feb   FAQ – withholding periods – 2015 January

Countdown Adviser Talking Points

The Countdown Mastitis Investigation Pack

The Countdown Mastitis Investigation Pack consists of:

  • The Investigation Master Sheet (Sheet A) for coordinating the investigation
    and formulating a plan of action; and
  • 12 recording sheets (Sheets B to M) for gathering and interpreting relevant

Technote 13 contains a brief description of each element of the pack and how to use it. Investigators need to be familiar with how to use the pack before starting a farm investigation.

Publication  Comment 
Mastitis Investigation Pack 24 pages. Use a new copy of the pack for each investigation Read Technote 13 pages 5-15 for a guide to using these sheets and tips for efficient data collection
Technote 13 - Seek professional advice February 2003  See page 15 for tips on how to collect data most efficiently at a milking-time visit.