Heat detection activity meters

The majority of automated heat detection systems in Australia work by monitoring cow activity. These automated systems have been developed to detect increased activity either as steps or neck movements.

A Fact sheet has been prepared that describes how the activity meter works and how dairy farmers can use the information generated by the technology.

More information

Precision dairy technology: Heat detection activity meters  (PDF, 1.2MB)

Contact details of the major suppliers, together with approximate cost and other relevant information.

Guide to Automated Heat Detection Technologies (PDF, 3.7MB)

More detailed information on the various automated heat detection technologies currently available in Australia.

Case Studies

These case studies describe how dairy farmers have implemented activity meters on their own farm and their experiences with this technology. This information is presented as both a short two page document and a recorded video with the dairy farmer.

Mark Billing, Colac, Victoria

Craiglands Dairy is a family owned partnership consisting of Mark Billing and his wife. They milk about 450 cows on 280 hectares dryland milking platform about 5 km west of Colac in Victoria.

Precision dairy technology: Heat detection activity meters: Case study: Mark Billing (PDF, 1.5MB)

John van Adrichem, Togari, Tasmania

John and Caroline van Adrichem and their son Arjan milk about 255 cows with four robots on their 80 hectare dryland milking platform at Togari in Tasmania.

Precision dairy technology: Heat detection activity meters: Case study: John and Caroline van Adrichem (PDF, 1.4MB)