Electronic pasture meters

Electronic pasture meters can help you to measure pasture height and estimate pasture mass, over your entire farm – in just a few hours.

More information

Precision dairy technology: Electronic pasture meters (PDF, 3.2MB)

This fact sheet describes how the quad bike based pasture meters work and how dairy farmers can use the information generated by the technology. Contact details of the major suppliers, together with approximate cost and other relevant information is included.

Accelerating Change Newsletter 2, September 2015: “Monitoring and Measuring” section (external link)

In 2015 the Victorian Department of Economic Development, Jobs, Transport and Resources began conducting a comparison of the two major electronic pasture meters that are commercially available - the Pasture Reader and the C-Dax pasture meter - as part of the Accelerating Change Program of Murray Dairy. Further details and a video clip of the Pasture Reader in action is provided in the September newsletter.

Case Studies

The following case study demonstrates a dairy farmer's experience with the electronic pasture meter. This information is presented as both a short two-page document and a recorded video with the dairy farmer.

Duncan MacDonald, Yolla, Tasmania

Duncan Macdonald manages two 550 cow dairy farms at Yolla in north-west Tasmania. The farms are about 5 km apart and each have a 180 hectare milking platform that is a mix of dryland and irrigation . He measures the amount of pasture in each paddock on a regular basis with a C-Dax pasture meter.

Precision dairy technology: C-Dax Pasture Meter: Case study: Duncan MacDonald (PDF, 3.6MB)