Farm Business Management

Dairy Australia invests in the farm business management area to help farmers and their advisers in focusing on the profit performance of their farm business. Projects in this area help farmers better understand their costs and income base, and the costs and risks associated with adapting farming systems under increasingly variable operating conditions.



Access the DairyBase website.


Dairy Farm Business Analysis Fact Sheets

Information about analysing a dairy farm business using DairyBase.

DairyBase Chart of Accounts

Chart of Accounts

A resource to assist in understanding the Standard Chart of Accounts developed by Dairy Australia.

Dairybase webinars

DairyBase webinars

Updates, discussions and user forums for DairyBase.

Dairy Farm Monitor Project

Dairy Farm Monitor Project

A joint initiative between DEPI and Dairy Australia providing farmers with business evaluation...

Farm systems

Farm systems

Economic research and analysis.

Taking stock

Taking Stock

The Taking Stock tool helps farmers assess the financial and physical health of their farm.

Tactics for Tight Times

Tactics for Tight Times

A coordinated and effective response by Dairy Australia and the dairy industry to help farmers...

Collective bargaining for dairy farmers

Guide to collective bargaining

A guide for dairy farmers thinking of forming a group to negotiate supply contracts.

Macalister Demonstration Farm

Demonstration farms

Dairy Australia supports two demonstration farms that facilitate demonstration, extension...

Research reports and papers

Research reports and papers

Access the latest research papers, conference proceedings, scientific articles and reports.