Taking Stock

Planning and budgeting is a crucial part of any business, and gives farmers control over expenditure on their farm.

Taking Stock tool

The Taking Stock tool was developed for farmers to use in conjunction with their advisors. It helps you assess the current financial and physical health of your dairy farm business including:

  • manage your budget
  • calculate your pasture consumption
  • manage your balance sheet
  • manage your people costs
  • better understand your business performance and,
  • create an action plan.

The Taking Stock tool was originally developed in 2004 for use by the whole industry and has evolved from a spreadsheet tool to a comprehensive process that helps farm families review all aspects of their farm businesses and develop an action plan.

Download the Taking Stock tool
This is a compressed ".zip" file. You will need to "un-zip" the file to use the tool. Once the file has downloaded, double-click the file to un-zip.

User requirements
System requirements: Windows XP or Vista
You may be required to download the latest version of Adobe Flash