Preparing for dry conditions

While the start to spring has been wetter than average for many, rainfall in some subregions has not fully replenished soil moisture levels.

Plan a feed budget and think about alternative options for fodder as you look ahead to summer 2016/17.

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Feed budgeting tips

Feed Budgeting (PDF, 220KB)

  • Use this template when planning your budgets. Develop a month-by-month feed budget for the full year.
  • Make realistic allowances for feed wastage based on your feeding system.
  • Revise your feed budget when circumstances change.

Farm inputs - some useful Dairy Australia reports

  • Hay and Grain report

    Dairy Australia tracks feed prices locally and nationally. This information is updated weekly.
  • Production Inputs Monitor

    This report provides a monthly update on farm input costs including water, hay, grain and fertiliser.

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