Reduce Evaporation

Water trough and dam


Tanks and covered vessels provide the least losses from evaporation however less expensive systems have been developed to reduce evaporation from large farm storages.

A commercially available chemical (Water$avrTM) can be added daily to water stores which will reduce evaporation by 30-50%. One kilogram ($12) will dose 1Ha of surface area for 3 days. The chemical is harmless and safe to drink and could be used in slow moving channels.

Other systems are available include floating balls or other physical covers (E-vapCapTM) but these are more expensive. 

Tips on Getting the Best Result

Reduce wind action if possible or don't apply that day. Water$avrTM is a powder that dissolves and spreads rapidly over the water surface, requiring no specialised equipment. 

Pros and Cons

Easy to do, inexpensive although wind action breaks up the chemical monolayer requiring frequent reapplication. Limited application in cold windy weather. 

Issues in Making it Happen


Daily application required.

Animal Health

Nil - food grade chemical.

Milk Quality

Nil - food grade chemical.


Solid covers will reduce biological activity in storages.