Curb Operation of Plate Cooler Water Pump

Farmer with small cooler


Interlocking the plate cooler water pump and milk pump means that water is only moving through the plate cooler when the milk is.

This can be done manually – as a part of the start-up and wash routine.

Installing a relay switch from an ‘on-off’ controller on the milk pump will automate the process and should only cost an additional $300 - $400 on top of the price of a controller. 

Tips on Getting the Best Result

Use coldest source of water available. Both milk and water inflows to the plate cooler need to be filtered. 

Pros and Cons

Minimal effort required to save water.  Less water going plate cooler may reduce water being pumped for another purpose (ie yard wash or stock water).

On-off switching may slightly increase wear and tear and energy load (especially if single phase). 

Issues in Making it Happen


No issues if automated

Milk Quality

Care must be taken to not compromise plate cooler performance.

  • Water Saving
  • Low
  • Cost
  • Low
  • Effort
  • Low

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