Store and Re-Use Plate Cooler Water

Ground tank


Water used through the plate cooler can be stored and re-used again and again if the heat is effectively removed.

Various system are available to remove heat from the stored water including natural draft and force draft cooling towers, heat exchange (through a body of water) and chiller units.

Commercial force draft cooling towers are very water efficient – cooling down a water store 3-4 times peak daily milk volume.  Losses for this ‘closed loop’ system are less than 5%. 

Tips on Getting the Best Result

Cooling towers work best in cool dry climates.  Run the cooling tower at night when wet bulb temperature is at its lowest.  Best on nights with low humidity.

Drift eliminators keep water losses from cooling towers to a minimum. 

Pros and Cons

Can save water and reduce refrigeration costs.

Will reduce pre-cooling efficiency if no cooling tower.  Cooling towers must be licensed in Victoria if tower incorporates a fan. M ay not be effective at certain times of the year (high ambient temperatures and/or high humidity).

Issues in Making it Happen


Some maintenance required for cooling towers.  There are potential risks to people from Legionaries disease so their use is controlled in Victoria.

Milk Quality

Only a problem if reduces pre-cooling efficiency.

Cooling tower

Cooling tower
  • Water Saving
  • High
  • Cost
  • High
  • Effort
  • Low

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