Recycle Water

Flood washing a holding yard


Water can be diverted away from effluent and delivered for other purposes after leaving the plate cooler.  Examples include – yard washing, use inside the dairy, for stock water or even as feed for hot water services.

Large volumes of filtered water are used daily so plate cooler water is well suited to recycling. 

Tips on Getting the Best Result

Use hottest water to feed HWS (if from clean source).  Make sure the flow rate of water going through the plate cooler is not reduced due to head or resistance created by down stream pipe work. 

Pros and Cons

Uses plate cooler water pump for two purposes.  May capture heat in water to lower power usage.  Storage tanks are required. 

Issues in Making it Happen

Milk Quality

Nil unless reduces pre-cooling efficiency.

  • Water Saving
  • High
  • Cost
  • Moderate
  • Effort
  • Low