Tailor Water Flow to Milk Flow

tailor water flow


In sophisticated systems the variable speed control on the milk pump can also regulate the flow of water through the plate cooler – effectively tailoring the water flow to the milk flow.

Care is required here because the volume shifted by a pump is not linearly related to the speed of the pump, and so the water supplied to the plate cooler may be inadequate for heat exchange at times when the pump speed is low. 

Tips on Getting the Best Result

Specifications for the variable speed controller and the ramifications for the water pump output must be known to ensure efficiency of pre-cooling.  This is a job for the professionals as the pump speed, flow rates and plate cooler performance relative to milk pump flow rates must all be considered together. 

Pros and Cons

Can improve milk cooling if set up correctly but often the information available to installers is based on the Australian standards (rather than the actual pump) so testing of the pumping efficiency must be done in situ. 

Issues in Making it Happen

Milk Quality

Ensure adequate pre-cooling to reduce load on refrigeration.

  • Water Saving
  • Moderate
  • Cost
  • Moderate
  • Effort
  • Moderate

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