Wet Surfaces Prior to Milking

A clean dairy


Hose the interior surfaces of the dairy to wet them prior to letting cows in and occasionally through the milking. This will make the surfaces easier and quicker to clean.

The walls of a rotary dairy are particularly prone to becoming caked with manure so a quick spray before and during milking makes them easier to clean.

Deck flush systems are commercially available and can be incorporated into the nib wall of the platform. 

Tips on Getting the Best Result

Can reduce labour by installing dribble bars, tipping drums or spray units in specific areas. Needs to deliver a high volume for a short time only. 

Pros and Cons

Quick and inexpensive to do. 

Issues in Making it Happen


May take an extra minute or two but will improve the working environment. Avoid creating aerosols inside the dairy with sprinklers.

  • Water Saving
  • Low
  • Cost
  • Low
  • Effort
  • Low