Tips & advice for the spring season...

Play the video above to get an update on the latest dairy news and developments from Dairy Australia Managing Director Ian Halliday

Harnessing the power of spring pasture growth

Grazing management

Keeping on top of grazing management helps maximise spring pasture growth & quality. More info:

  • View p.3 - grazing management to maximise growth & nutritive value
  • Practical application of grazing principles

Keeping grazing pressure up in spring can be difficult, & some paddocks are bound to be under grazed. Cutting paddocks before the next grazing or pre-grazing topping helps maintain pasture quality & avoid pasture damage. More info:

  • View p.3 - grazing management specific practices

Making quality silage

With fodder short on most farms, building a buffer of silage is a priority. Get tips & advice for making quality silage:

Using nitrogen to drive production

Nitrogen fertiliser in spring can provide significant growth responses, & can be a useful tool as long as the extra feed can be grazed or conserved economically. For more info on when N can be used in the annual cycle:

  • View p.2 of N fertiliser

Fert$mart fertiliser advice

More advice on nitrogen & other fertilisers is available on the recently launched Fert$mart website.

Getting the most from your genetics decisions

August 2013 Good Bulls Guide

Genetics is permanent & compounds year after year so make sure every joining decision counts.

Genetic Progress Report

Herd recording farmers can now monitor their genetic choices over time, & benchmark against national averages using the Genetic Progress Report, which is available from your herdtest centre.

‘Feeding the Genes’ study

This study investigated the link between genetics & feeding systems on milk production & the cow's ability to last. It supports the use of high genetic merit bulls (see Good Bulls Guide) in all feeding systems.

Financials – decision making

Understanding farm profit drivers

This report can help with your understanding of the key drivers of farm profit in complex production environment.

For those that missed the September update of the Situation & Outlook report, it’s available here:

Improve your own or your staff’s dairying skills

Want to improve your dairying skills? Check out the 2014 course guide from the National Centre for Dairy Education Australia (NCDEA).


Every investment decision we make is done so for the ultimate benefit of dairy levy payers. Benefits can take maky forms, from improving the analysis of bull genetics to aid in fertility, to increasing demand for Australian dairy in export markets. To get an update on some of our recent project developments, check out the short videos below...


Creating opportunities
in export markets

1st daughter proof for
Australian genomic bulls 

Update on

Get an overview of how Dairy Australia's 'export market' program works, and the benefits it delivers for Australian dairy farmers and the industry 
Genomics helps dairy farmers pick young bulls that will be 'star performers', ie an areas like longevity and fertility. 
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