Dairy farmer update - Summer 2015/16

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Key tools, publications and info for Summer 2015/16

Farming in dry conditions, some tips

A strong El Niño is persisting in the tropical Pacific Ocean which usually brings a slight drying influence across the southeast of Australia and below-average rainfall across northern Queensland. Dairy Australia and our Regional Development Programs have been supporting a range of on-farm activities to deal with the dry times. Check out the following tips for farming in dry conditions:

Feed values and buying

Do you know what you are buying? With the dry conditions and low water allocations many people are considering a range of different feeding options this summer. The following fact sheets give you some useful tips on what to expect plus how to incorporate different feeds into the diet.

Protecting silage and hay

Now that you have made it or brought it in, and pasture growth is slow due to dry conditions, make sure you look after you silage stores and hay stacks over summer.


Nearly 1,000 people have signed up for DairyBase since we launched it in May. Can you afford not to? View a webinar and an Expert User Guide at the DairyBase website:

Biosecurity on farm

Checkout the list of good farm practices to help you manage biosecurity to safeguard your farm and business. We have some great resources available:

Fact sheets and publications

Dairy Australia has a number of fact sheets and links to information to help your business including:

On the horizon:

The Good Bulls app will be available for download in January, look out for the ADHIS team at International Dairy Week for a demonstration.

And don't forget our recent publication 'Caring for our cows', available on our website:

Australia’s Legendairy Capital 2015

Stanhope in Victoria was named the inaugural Legendairy Capital of Australia on September 15. Read the inspirational stories behind the award and learn about the other seven capitals in each dairy region.