Dairy farmer update - winter 2014

Play the video above to get an update on the latest dairy news and developments from Dairy Australia Managing Director Ian Halliday

Key tools, publications and info for winter 2014

Calving - Transition Management:

> Transition management 

Preparing for flooding and other unusual weather events:

> Wet conditions - weather preparation

Feed stock management over winter:

> Profitable use of nitrogen (N) fertiliser on dairy farm pastures in southern Australia (pdf)

> Grazing management specific practices (pdf)

Looking ahead to spring calving:

> Preparing for spring calving and managing dried off cows

Video series: Treating Downer Cows :

Dairy Australia has produced a series of videos on how best to treat Downer Cows.
> Watch the series here.

DairySAT upgrade:

Dairy Australia launched an upgraded Dairy Self-Assessment Tool (DairySAT) in April, making it easier for farmers to identify the most critical environmental management practices for their farms. The revised version of the tool features new online functionality to help farmers through 10 focus areas such as soils, fertilisers and effluent management.
> Find out more and access DairySAT.

Legendairy - Celebrating Australia's dairy industry


By now many of you will have seen the new Legendairy website, which launched earlier this year. Legendairy provides information from the health and nutrition benefits of dairy and how dairy products are made, to Australia's largest collection of dairy recipes from the Dairy Kitchen.

View the Legendairy site at www.legendairy.com.au.