Dairy farmer update - winter 2015

Play the video above to get an update on the latest dairy news and developments from Dairy Australia Managing Director Ian Halliday

Key tools, publications and info for winter 2015

DairyBase is a new web-based tool that enables dairy farmers to measure and compare their farm business performance over time.

Get started in DairyBase at dairybase.com.au. Click "Log in" to register as a new user, then refer to the resources on the website:

Read about the experiences of farmers who understand the importance of physical and financial analysis to improve farm business performance, and watch a video from Dairy Australia's Neil Lane:
  • Video: Neil Lane, Farm Business Capability Manager, explains the importance of measuring and comparing farm business performance over time.

Dairy Australia reports

  • The Hay & Grain report is a valuable weekly update on grain and hay markets in each dairying region. Subscribe to get the report delivered to you each Friday.

Winter is the time to focus on feedstock management, calving preparation and cow health. Here are some useful fact sheets and resources for the winter season:

The Australian Dairy Herd Improvement Scheme has released new breeding indices.


Countdown Shed Guide out now

Designed to be used by milkers and farm managers as visual guides for prevention, monitoring and treatment of mastitis, these practical step-by-step guides are water resistant and can be hung up in the dairy shed for easy reference.




Australia’s Legendairy Capital 2015

The Legendairy Capital program has ignited dairy communities across the country with over 50 nominations now received from towns vying to be named Australia’s Legendairy Capital.

It’s all about recognising, promoting and supporting passionate communities where dairy has contributed to the local social wellbeing and then sharing those stories with the broader community. In short, the program is working to put dairy on the map and the public agenda.

For more information and to nominate visit: http://legendairy.com.au/capital