Getting the best from your winter pastures, forages & crops

Grazing management during autumn and winter has a big impact on winter feed supply and spring pasture growth. It’s important to maintain the ABC targets:

  • A - Graze between the 2nd and 3rd leaf stage.
  • B - Leave a post-grazing residual of 4–6 cm between pasture clumps [equivalent to 1,500–1,600 kg dry matter (DM) per ha].
  • C - Maintain a constant cover of green leaf area all year.

When pasture growth is low, the best results will be achieved by holding the rotation back to allow pastures to reach the 3rd leaf stage before grazing.

If possible, use other feed sources to help slow the rotation - while this may be difficult now, it will pay off with more pasture later in the year.

More info...

For more info refer to section 1 of this pasture management fact sheet

Section 2 covers grazing management on wet soils which may be useful if we have a wet winter.