What we do

Dairy Australia invests across the dairy supply chain, identifying the best opportunities for collective action - the activities that farmers and companies cannot do efficiently themselves.

Investment by Strategic Priority

To achieve its core business objectives, Dairy Australia annually develops and reviews a set of strategic priorities, which we use to guide investment in our current projects.

Strategic Priority 1 - Profitable and Competitive Dairy Farms

Investments that contribute towards achieving internationally competitive farming systems, competitive dairy manufacturing with integrated R&D capability, access to favourable and profitable export markets and the collection, analysis and communication of industry relevant information.

Strategic Priority 2 - Protect and promote our industry

Investments to generically promote the benefits of dairy products and to maintain the industry’s social licence to operate.

Strategic Priority 3 - Grow Capability & Skills

Investment that assist the industry to have sufficient human resources with requisite capabilities.
Dairy Australia Support activity – Expenditure on activities such as stakeholder communication and statutory requirements