Australia and New Zealand Cooperative Leaders Forum April 2010

The Australia and New Zealand Dairy Cooperative Leaders forum aims to take a collaborative approach, build relationships between manufacturers, transfer information, and facilitate common alignment of activities for the greater good of the farmer.

Over 30 directors from Australian and New Zealand co-operative dairy companies, and those with significant farmer interest, gathered together at Werribee Victoria 19 & 20 April to discuss this year's theme "managing risk, volatility and change".

The forum is managed by a committee of cooperative directors. It is funded and organised by Dairy Australia, and sponsored by Rabobank

Summary of the forum 
Forum agenda 
List of delegates 


19 April 2010
Situation & Outlook update
Chris Phillips, Group Manager, Trade & Strategy, Dairy Australia  
New Zealand Industry overview 
Barry Harris, Director Sustainability, Fonterra
Understanding & working with the changing farmer 
Mark Paine, Strategy & Investment Leader, Dairy New Zealand 
Farmer Segments: Strategic context & cooperative relevance
Warwick Waters, Consultant, Waters Consulting 
Climate Change update I. 
Warren Mason, Confidence to Grow Coordinator, Dairy Australia 
Climate Change update II.
Barry Harris, Director Sustainability, Fonterra 
Volatility post-farmgate
Tim Hunt, Senior Analyst Dairy, Rabobank
How & why do farmers respond to volatility the way they do
Basil Doonan, Consultant, Davey & Maynard
Cows produce more milk when listening to music
Ian Dunn, Senior Business Manager Trading Relations, Woolworths

20 April 2010
Economic supply of food in the UK
Jim Begg, Director General, Dairy UK
Trends in Cooperatives & responses to change
Fabio Chaddad, Assistant Professor, University of Missouri
Dairy image - the need for a Global Dairy Platform
Barry Harris, Director Sustainability, Fonterra 

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