DairyLive - feed conversion efficiency

Dairy Australia’s second DairyLive event was successfully completed on December 8, 2009.

This edition of DairyLive explored feed conversion efficiency (FCE), and how it can cut costs and improve efficiency on a dairy farm. DairyLive was conducted over 2 stages:

Stage 1

This conference was run simultaneously across four Australian dairy regions, with experts joining from two international locations - London and Buenos Aires. The forum employed cutting-edge technology that allowed each venue to be seen and heard by the other, and was attended by over 150 people.

Stage 2

This 'webinar' stage of DairyLive had over 400 participants registered to view the event. The webinar began with a video featuring highlights from stage 1, during intervals in the video, participants were able to talk directly to a panel of experts about FCE, either by free-calling a 1800 number, or typing their question online.

The webinar can be re-visited via 4 easy-to-view podcasts below - after you've clicked the play button, the video will take 10-20 seconds to begin.

DairyLive - Part 1

DairyLive - Part 2

DairyLive - Part 3

DairyLive - Part 4

The June 09 edition of DairyLive featured international and local commentary on global milk supply and demand. Click here to view podcasts from the June edition of DairyLive.