Social media in the dairy industry

Social media is defined as: websites and applications that enable users to create and share content or to participate in social networking.

Social media allows you to connect and share info with people and/or organisations.

The dairy industry has a number of social media platforms and channels that you can use to to stay in touch with what’s happening in dairy.  Also, we use social media platforms too.

You can connect with us, with other dairy farmers, or anyone with an interest in the dairy industry.


Dairy Australia's corporate social media platforms:

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Twitter is all about being current – latest news, activities and info gets ‘tweeted’ as it comes to hand. Tweets are short updates (under 140 characters), that your followers receive as a feed in their twitter account

Youtube is a video sharing website. We upload all our videos to our Youtube channel, and have sorted them into playlists for eas-of-use, ie animal welfare, calf housing, dairy recipes. 

Aus Dairyl is an email discussion group run as a ‘google group’. With over 600 farmers and advisors, it typically runs in a ‘question & answer’ format, with topics ranging from fertiliser advice to advertising for farm hands. 

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