Gippsland dairy region

Gippsland is a major Australian dairy region. In 2013/14 Gippsland produced around 1.9 billion litres of milk, accounting for approximately 21% of national milk output.

What is GippsDairy?

GippsDairy is a Regional Development Program (RDP) set up by Dairy Australia to cater for local farmer needs. Their board is led by local dairy farmers and others industry people.

Everything GippsDairy undertakes aims to improve on-farm productivity and profitability. GippsDairy is all about understanding the technical aspects of profitable farming – through research, innovation, extension and industry collaboration. 
    - John Versteden, dairy farmer, Longwarry.

Who pays for it?

Dairy Australia’s investment in GippsDairy is determined by the region's annual milk production. For every dollar we invest, GippsDairy leverages more than $9.00 to secure projects for farmers valued at over $5 million.

Key projects:

This table lists some of GippsDairy's major projects. 




Feedbase working group A core profit driver of Gippsland farmers is the amount of feed grown and used on farm. The Feedbase Working Group consists of farmers, consultants and agronomists that help direct GippsDairy on feedbase work. An example is the management of redheaded cockchafers, a beetle than can devastate ryegrass pastures, and cause losses up to $200,000 on farm. Practical advice on feed management in Gippsland
Focus Farms This initiative aims to improve on-farm decision making. For each of the 6 Focus Farms, roughly 20 people from other farms and the service sector meet monthly to revisit farm goals and cover technical details. Better decision making, improved profitability
Young Dairy Development Program To help develop young people in dairy, GippsDairy supports 15 events annually aimed primarily at the technical aspects of farming.  Address dairy labour issues, build capacity for the region