South Australia

South Australia produces approximately 6% of national milk output. SA milk has a record of high component values in terms of butterfat and protein - crucial to economical manufacture and processing into dairy products. In 2013/14 South Australia produced around 515 million litres of milk, accounting for approximately 6% of national milk output.

What is DairySA?

DairySA is a Regional Development Program (RDP) Dairy Australia established in the 1990s. DairySA drives innovation in research and extension by using regional knowledge and skills, and works collaboratively to identify and implement local industry projects.

DairySA takes information developed by Dairy Australia and adapts it for use in our region. This helps South Australian dairy farmers to see a return from their levy investment on the ground.
- Michael Connor, dairy farmer, Mt Compass

Who pays for it?

Dairy Australia’s investment in DairySA is determined by the region’s milk production. For every dollar we invest, DairySA leverages more than $5.

Key projects:

This table lists some of DairySA's major projects. For more information or to view the full list, view Dairy SA projects.

Project Description Benefit
South East Forage Innovation  SE Forage Innovation gives irrigated dairy farmers the opportunity to learn about growing cool climate maize and provides a better understanding the growth and utilisation of irrigated pastures.   Information and resources for farmers adjusting to new water management regimes, as a result of climate variability. 
3030 Fleurieu Partner Farm  The project works with a commercial Fleurieu dairy farm to implement the R-Max grazing system to produce high levels of milksolids from grass-dominant diets. The emphasis on home-grown fodder helps to reduce feeding and production costs.   Drylands grazing research directly implemented on a commercial SA dairy farm. 
Dairy Business Support and Advice  Free financial advice and planning is offered to SA’s dairy farmers with an adviser of choice, and focused on business or financial planning.  Direct financial support to dairy farmers. It offers farmers an opportunity to better understand their business situation, and to plan ahead. 



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