Australia's sub tropical dairy region extends from Kempsey in NSW to the Atherton Tablelands in Far North Queensland. This region has a variety of environmental, climatic and production conditions which pose some unique challenges to dairy farming. In 2013/14 the Subtropical region produced around 549 million litres of milk, accounting for approximately 6% of national milk output.

What is Subtropical Dairy?

Subtropical Dairy is a Regional Development Program (RDP) Dairy Australia established in the 1990s. Subtropical Dairy drives innovation in research and extension by using regional knowledge and skills, and works collaboratively to identify and implement local industry projects.

I have been involved in dairy farming for the last 16 years. Over this time I have attended numerous events conducted by both Subtropical Dairy and Dairy Australia which have positively contributed to the long term sustainability and profitability of our family enterprise.
- Paul Roderick, dairyfarmer, Harrisville.

Who pays for it?

Dairy Australia’s investment in Subtropical Dairy is determined by the region’s milk production. Subtropical Dairy works to leverage additional funds from Natural Resource Management bodies, state government, and other interested investors.

Key projects:

This table lists some of Subtropical Dairy's major projects.  For more information or to view the full list, visit the Subtropical Dairy website.  

Initiative Benefit
Development and delivery of a computer training project  Up-skilling farmers  
Provision of, the northern dairy industry web information hub Readily accessible information for industry 
Establishment of six young dairyfarmer networks across the Subtropical Dairy region  Building capacity and sustainability of industry workforce 


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