Western Australia

In 2013/14 Western Australia produced around 327 million litres of milk, accounting for approximately 3.5% of national milk output.

What is Western Dairy?

Western Dairy is a Regional Development Program (RDP) Dairy Australia established in the 1990s. Western Dairy drives innovation in research and extension by using regional knowledge and skills, and works collaboratively to identify and implement local industry projects.

"Western Dairy is vital to our dairy industry. It gets the projects going on the ground, and makes sure they are for the benefit of the WA industry. Dairy Australia puts out some great information, but Western Dairy – through local farmer input on the board -  ensures it is relevant to our region. It’s certainly a worthwhile use of our levy money.”
- Bryn Jenkins, dairy farmer, Treeton, south of Busselton

Who pays for it?

Dairy Australia’s annual investment in Western Dairy is determined by the region’s milk production. As the smallest of the RDP’s, Western Dairy works to leverage additional funds from Natural Resource Management (NRM) bodies, state government and other interested investors.

Key projects:

This table lists some of Western Dairy's major projects. or more information, contact Western Dairy.

Project Description Benefit
Greener Pastures  Greener Pastures aims to clearly define the milk production response to nitrogen fertiliser in a pasture system and to demonstrate practical ways to use nitrogen more profitably.  Improved local understanding of nitrogen use to deliver higher efficiency and profitability and reduce impact on the environment. 
Feedbase Integration Project  Western Dairy is working to integrate WA's own regional feedbase research with national research. A component of this project is 'The Feedtrough', a quarterly publication produced by Western Dairy and the Department of Agriculture and Food.  Practical feedbase advice for farmers.