Western Victoria

There are roughly 1500 dairy farmers in Western Victoria, and the industry employs a further 6,000 people via the processing sector. In 2013/14 Western Victoria produced around 2.1 billion litres of milk, accounting for approximately 23% of national milk output.

What is WestVic Dairy?

WestVic Dairy is a Regional Development Program (RDP) set up by Dairy Australia in the 1990s. Local farmers and service providers make up the board, and an executive officer manages day-to-day operations.

"WestVic is a valuable investment of farmer levy. It provides regionally specific R&D, and information delivered is relevant and timely."
    - Lachie Sutherland, dairy farmer, Larpent

Who pays for it?

Dairy Australia’s annual investment in all RDPs is determined by each region’s milk production. WestVic Dairy works to leverage additional funds from Natural Resource Management (NRM) bodies, State Government and other interested investors in order to ensure farmer priorities are met, faster.

Key projects:

WestVic Dairy works to help farmers increase productivity in 5 key areas:

  • Making better feed decisions
  • Improving employment on-farm
  • Developing people in the industry
  • Building farmers business capability
  • Increasing resources to help R, D & E in the region

This table lists some of WestVic Dairy's major projects. For more inforormation or to view the full list, visit WestVic Dairy projects.









Down the Track Dairy 2020
This project developed a strategic direction for the region. The project team provided five issue-specific discussion papers, and organised regional workshops and a final summit. A clear and highly targeted set of priorities for the region. Funds from non dairy sources to help improve our industry.  
Dairy Awards First launched in 2006, this project recognises high achievers in the local dairy region. It’s now an annual event with a gala night showcasing the region’s top performers. Rewards to the region’s high achievers. Demonstrate the benefits of striving for performance. Enhanced industry reputation.
Career coordinator & Cows Create Careers An 18 month project that aims to attract more workers to dairy through new and better coordination in the region. It also coordinates Dairy Australia’s Cows Create Careers More highly skilled, committed people in the industry.



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