Dairy food safety

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ) under its Standard 4.2.4 requires all dairy farms to have a documented on-farm food safety program. All dairy manufacturers and processors must also have a documented food safety program. The State Dairy Food Authorities (SDFAs) implement the FSANZ standards. This approach to whole chain food safety reflects:

• international requirements under Codex (Code of Hygienic Practice for Milk and Milk Products)
• national requirements by Food Standards Australia New Zealand, and
• state-wide requirements by the Dairy Food Safety Authorities.

Dairy food safety in practice

Dairy farms must implement a HACCP based Quality Assurance Program to ensure:

• they gain a licence to operate from their State Dairy Food Safety Authority, and
• their milk is accepted by their manufacturer.

The Quality Assurance Program covers areas such as:

• food safety
• animal welfare
• chemical contamination, and
• environmental responsibilities

Regular auditing ensures dairy farmers assess food safety risks and ensure strategies are in place to deal with the risks (includes full traceability up and down the input chain).