Regulatory overview

The national Australian dairy food safety regulatory framework is an integrated preventative system developed by industry organisations and federal and state regulatory agencies. Internationally recognised Codes and Standards provide important guidelines for the framework.

Customer requirements, food safety and product traceability are paramount drivers for the quality systems along with animal welfare, bio-security and environmental sustainability.

The responsibilities and accountabilities of all industry members through the supply chain are incorporated into the food safety and quality systems.

Potential risks are monitored on an ongoing basis with industry updated on a regular basis of possible challenges. Quality science supports the risk management process. The industry approach is preventative and outcomes based rather than process driven.

Federal agencies develop policy and standards, while state government regulators enforce, verify and monitor or conduct surveillance of food standards.

The Food Standards Code, and particularly Standard 4.2.4 - The Primary Production and Processing Standards for Dairy Products, the Export Control Act 1982, the Export Control (Prescribed Goods – General) Order 2005 and Export Control (Milk and Milk Products) Orders 2005 are important regulations for the Australian dairy industry. 


Key federal agencies

Food Standards Australia New Zealand (FSANZ)
Australian Pesticide and Veterinary Medicines Authority (APVMA)
Department of Agriculture (DoA)
Animal Health Australia

Key state government regulators

State Dairy Food Authorities  State Departments of Primary Industries
Dairy Food Safety Victoria  Department of Primary Industries Victoria 
NSW Food Authority NSW Department of Primary Industries
Safe Food Queensland  QLD Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry
Tasmanian Dairy Industry Authority  Department of Primary Industries, Parks, Water &
Environment Tasmania
Dairy Authority of South Australia  Department of Primary Industry and Resources SA
WA Department of Health Food Unit  Department of Agriculture and Food WA

Environmental Protection Authorities  State Departments of Health
EPA Victoria  Department of Health Victoria 
EPA New South Wales  Department of Health NSW 
EPA Queensland  Department of Health Queensland
EPA Tasmania  Department of Health Tasmania 
EPA South Australia  Department of Health South Australia 
EPA Western Australia Department of Health Western Australia

Important regulations for the Australian dairy industry

The Food Standards Code
Export Control Act 1982
Export Control (Prescribed Goods - General) Order 2005
Export Control (Milk and Milk Products) Order 2005