Australian Milk Residue Analysis Survey

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The Australian Milk Residue Analysis (AMRA) Survey provides an independent, national monitoring program for potential agricultural and veterinary chemical residues, and environmental contaminants in Australian bovine milk.

The AMRA Survey plays an important role in the Australian dairy industry by gathering and compiling information on the chemical residue status of Australian milk. In doing so it assesses the effectiveness of the control measures that are in place to ensure food safety outcomes, with respect to chemicals used in the Australian dairy industry. The Survey also provides assurances to importing countries that Australian dairy products are produced under a system that meets their requirements and supports the export requirements of the Department of Agriculture under the Export Control (Milk and Milk Products) Orders 2005.

The survey is national, coordinated by Dairy Food Safety Victoria (DFSV) on behalf of other state regulatory authorities and the Australian Government Department of Agriculture. The program is supported and funded by Dairy Australia on behalf of the Australian dairy industry.