Research and development

Dairy Australia conducts R&D throughout the dairy supply chain, identifying the opportunities that give farmers and the industry the best return-on-investment. We work with the government and other industry partners to generate cost efficiencies and leverage knowledge.

Our R&D programs can mostly be sorted into two categories:

Pre farmgate research

A significant proportion of levy investment funds (around 45%) go into research and development aimed at improving farm profitability.

Dairy Moving Forward, the national research, development and extension framework for Australia’s dairy industry is used to guide Dairy Australia’s investment on pre-farmgate research and development.

Examples of pre farm-gate research include:

Post farmgate research

The dairy industry is not just about farming. Farmers need buyers, processors, and markets in Australia and abroad.

A sustainable dairy industry requires product innovation, safe production processes, growing markets and recognition of the nutritional value of dairy products. Dairy Australia co-ordinates much of the industry’s investment in pre-competitive manufacturing research.

Examples of post-farmgate research include:

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