Market need/context

  • Building the next generation and making the dairy industry a desirable and rewarding place to work.
  • Promoting and creating the opportunity for careers and wealth creation in dairy farming.
  • Supporting young dairy farmers to network with each other and  build the skills they need. 

General approach/strategy

  • Raising awareness and promotion of dairy industry career paths, enhancing the experience of people who work on a dairy farm, supporting dairy farms with compliance of regulatory requirements will be long term benefits for the dairy industry. The programs aim for increased capacity for the dairy regions to address people issues and better access to capability on farm by attracting and retaining labour.   Key initiatives:
    1.    Cows Create Careers farm module to  211 schools / Cows Create Careers Camembert in the classroom to 119 schools,
    2.    The provision of regional workforce HR support including The People in Dairy website and resources, the Employment Starter Kit initiative (ESKi) and Employment Made Easy (eMe) and Employee Manager.
    3.    Dairy Manufacturing Scholarships
    4.    Stepping Up, Stepping back resources and workshops delivered nationally, this will include connecting Cows Create Careers students to eMe and career pathway programs and the delivery of  Share Farmer/Leasing workshops
  • Regional activities will be a collaboration between Dairy Australia, Regional Development Programs and the NCDE alliance partners. Other Initiatives are delivered by DIAL or within the NCDE alliance partners.
  • The engagement with agricultural science programs at secondary school level will ensure a sustainable and well supported dairy industry and secure a greatly coveted space for the dairy industry in school curriculum.