Market need/context

  • There is a need to provide adequate capability for the planning, coordination, delivery and facilitation of effective services and extension to dairy farmers and service providers throughout the dairying regions of Australia. 
  • As governments have reduced funding in this area, Dairy Australia and the Regional Development Programs (RDPs) are implementing a new model of industry led extension and reallocating resources into the RDPs and program delivery.  
  • Dairy Australia and the RDPs need to promote and drive effective change in dairy farming and increase the rate and scale of change through adoption and innovation on-farm, and this adoption and innovation activities need to align to national and regional priorities, industry targets and measured outcomes
  • With the continued growth in the size of farms, DA needs to responsive to their specific and changing needs.

General approach/strategy

  • Implement the industry led extension model to deliver relevant and quality extension activities that are strongly aligned to national and regional priorities.
  • Maintain and support a regionally based structure (the RDPs) that provides the platform needed for the delivery of programs and services, including the coordination and delivery of extension related activities.
  • Engage and collaborate with other service providers, including farm advisers, vets, commercial suppliers, the National Centre for Dairy Education.
  • Identify and build extension and education delivery capability to support quality program delivery.
  • Embed continuous improvement in the delivery of extension services through effective evaluation.
  • Build farm business management and farm systems capability for dairy farmers, advisers and the research sector
  • Seek opportunities for co-investment in projects which support adoption and innovation on farm.